Wyong Hospital Master Plan and Scheme Design

The Wyong Hospital Redevelopment provides an opportunity for a new state of the art hospital with high quality care standards meeting the increasing demand for health services within the area. The Master Plan targeted the need to provide a non clinical environment that will attract and retain high quality staff, enhance the environment for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and research and to create physically integrated facilities which promote clinical integration and efficient health delivery.
The redevelopment objectives commit to the following key directions: enhancing the delivery of health services in an outpatient setting; developing and implementing strategies using existing and enhanced recurrent resources to manage the expected growth in demand in the short term; enhancing a cohesive and integrated health network across the whole of the Central Coast responding to the unmet and increasing demand for acute and non-acute hospital services; targeting investment in ‘hospital in the home’ and community based service models; further developing coordinated chronic disease programs; working with the Medicare Local to improve access to GPs and after hours care; promoting efficient and effective integration of acute, sub-acute, and community health and clinical support services together with health services provided by the private and non-government sectors; securing capital enhancements to refurbish and expand existing facilities; and enhance the clinical information systems to ensure functionality across sites as well as strategies to ensure clinical care is delivered safely and is monitored accordingly.