Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre

Located to the north east of Melbourne in Heidelberg, the Olivia Newton John Cancer and Wellness Centre was designed in association with Jackson Architecture. Completed in 2012, the Centre offers a comprehensive, stand alone cancer service with strong connections to the existing Austin Hospital infrastructure.
Olivia Newton John’s dedication to the promotion of patient-centred, wellness programmes has been reflected in this visionary design, which focuses on the needs of the whole person and develops patient-centred aspects of care.
The new facility conveys a welcoming domestic environment and consolidates patient services to include a comprehensive Radiation Oncology service, outpatient clinics, chemotherapy treatment as well as acute and palliative care inpatient units. Located adjacent to support areas such as a dedicated pharmacy service, research laboratory space and cancer administration, the Centre provides a carefully integrated environment for world-class cancer treatment as well as translational research.
In August 2014, the project was awarded an Excellence in Construction of Commercial Building at the Master Builders Association of Victoria. In 2013, the project received an Acute Care Honorable Mention at the Healthcare Environment Awards, Centre for Health Design USA.

Major Services - Master Plan, Feasibility, Architecture and Interior Design
Client - Austin Health
Completion - 2012
Value - $187m
Awards - Winner: Excellence in Construction of Commercial Building over $80M at the Master Builders Association of Victoria Awards 2014; BPN Sustainability Awards Public building and Urban Design Finalist 2014; American Healthcare Environment Award, Centre for Health Design; & AIRAH Awards Finalist in Excellence in Sustainability 2014 
Architects in association with Jackson Architecture, Melbourne

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