Glenmore Park High School

Glenmore Park High School, designed for a greenfield site, was the flagship high school for the new Secondary Schools Facilities Standards. MSJ as head consultant was involved with the Department of School Education in developing the draft Secondary Schools Facilities Standard. This was done in conjunction with the design development of the new school. The planning embodies recent initiatives set by the NSW Department of School Education, while the form and orientation of the scheme environmentally respond to the nature of the site. The relationship of the simple building forms creates a sense of interconnected courtyard areas of varying spatial qualities. This overall planning facilitated the two-stage construction process necessitated by the funding allocation. The preparation of tender documentation for a DD & C contract and the administration of a contract on site involved MSJ in all aspects of the project.

Client - NSW Department of Public Works and Services, Department of School Education Properties Directorate
Completed - 1998
Value - $11.5m

Glenmore Park High School