Centennial Park Dining

The redevelopment of the Centennial Park Dining comprises an upgrade to the existing café and kiosk with the addition of a new, sophisticated restaurant. The design facilitates increased seating capacity and the ability to accommodate large functions with elegant dining. The flexible development was conceived with the addition of a new information centre for the park. Particular consideration was given to the existing fig trees that occupy the area, as well as the extensive use of glass panels maximizing views of the surrounds. As an integral part of the design, the glass is complimented with the dramatic overhanging cantilever roof that provides sun protection whilst maintaining the view.

Client - NSW Department of Commerce & Centennial Park Trust
Completed - 2008
Value - $8 million

Centennial Park Cafe (2)Centennial Park Cafe (3)Centennial Park Restaurant Sydney MSJ ArchitectsCentennial Park CafeCentennial Park Cafe (1)
Centennial Park Restaurant Sydney MSJ Architects
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